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Some insects are invaluable – some pollinate plants to give us food, forests and flowers and some clean up refuse before it becomes dangerous to our health. But some insects annoy, some hurt, and some can cause serious harm. That is the time to call ATOM Pest Control.

If you have encountered a pest control problem in your home or business, something needs to be done about it. The longer it is left, the more extreme is becomes and the greater the task of removing it. We have years of experience in helping rid homes of rodents, insects, wasps and any other form of pests and do so quickly and efficiently.



Ants as irritating as they can get when they invade your home or your picnic. However they are great for the environment. Ants can be in millions depending on their species. Most effective treatment for ants is by bait through their social behaviour of Trophallaxis.


German Cockroaches

These small to medium sized cockroaches that dwell in dark and hidden areas most commonly around kitchens. With a 99% success rate of ridding these cockroaches the only way to treat them is by use of bait or transferable chemicals.



Spiders by far would have to be the most feared land animal without a backbone. Most effective treatment is to flush them out of their hiding areas using Permethrin Dust and spray with a stronger repellent chemical for fast knockdown.



Some of the first signs of woodworm infestation might be holes in the wood or beetles. In fact, these woodworms are the wood-eating larvae of different beetles.



Research shows that possum faeces contain bacteria that can cause flesh-eating ulcers.
Exposure to their faeces can leave a person with a long-term functional disability.
It is illegal to kill a possum, therefore when tackling a possum infestation you need to observe the utmost care.


Rats and Mice

Poor sanitation and the presence of rubbish help rats to survive in residential areas. Good sanitation will effectively limit the number of rats that can survive in and around any building

Rodents have been feared as the bringers of disease. Even with our modern medicines there is still cause for concern. Rats and mice can be very destructive and cause serious health risks as they contaminate food supplies as well as storage and preparation areas.

ATOM prides itself in the following proven capabilities and tactics:  Insect screening, Specialised moth control, Specialised insecticides, Wide range of electronic and glue board fly control methods, Environmentally responsible solutions always recommended, Flying insect analysis. ATOM delivers fast economical and permanent solutions


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