We are able to respond to any pest emergency and will remove your infestation, quickly and without drama. Most residential pest problems require only one visit by our pest technicians, who will locate and remove the infestation, and provide guidance on pest-proofing your home. We are one of the most trusted Pest Solution companies in Brisbane.

Common Places you'll find pests

Finding a bug in your home can be unnerving and even overwhelming. The best way to prevent yourself from being surprised by a pest infestation is get a handle on the problem as soon as it begins. In order to start, you need to know where to look. Here are a few places to check when you’re inspecting your house for pests.


The Garage

It can be quite easy for bugs and other pests to get into garages. One thing you can do is to keep your garage as clutter free as possible.


The Kitchen

Wash dishes as soon as you’re finished with them. Wipe down your counters every time you prepare food, and sweep and mop your floor as often as possible


The Pantry

Pantry pests are certainly not a fun discovery to make. The best tip is to keep all food in airtight containers.


Dark Areas

The darkest areas of your home, such as rooms that aren’t often used or underneath the bed, tend to be a great hiding spot for insects of all kinds.


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